About Us

Formed in 2008, ISAM is an alternative investment manager specialising in systematic investing. The management team has amassed over 150 years of combined experience within the quantitative alternative investment space. Led by Stanley Fink, who as CEO of Man Group oversaw that company’s growth to become the largest quoted hedge fund manager in the world, ISAM has deep experience in institutional alternative asset management and trend following strategies in particular.

ISAM has two core strategies: ISAM Systematic, launched in 2010, and ISAM Quant, launched in 2014.
In January 2015 ISAM also launched its FX execution service, IS Prime.

  ISAM Systematic  

ISAM Systematic is a pure trend following system tracing its roots back to 1981. It is the firm’s flagship strategy, with a transparent approach to reporting and research. The strategy is applied to over 130 global financial and commodity futures markets, capturing profits from market divergence, utilizing adaptive trend-seeking methods on a medium-term time-frame, with a shorter-term focus on risk management.

  ISAM Quant  

ISAM Quant is a systematic multi-strategy trading program, operating within a rigorous and integrated risk management process. It trades over 100 global financial and commodity futures markets and over 2000 single name equities, with trading horizons ranging from intraday to multiple months.