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ISAM holds a core philosophical belief in the value of disciplined systematic trading combined with an inherent focus on tight risk management. It is the disciplined, unemotional and humble nature of our approach that we believe offers investors an attractive risk-reward opportunity for long term investing in financial and commodity markets. A continued research effort is key to ensuring ISAM continues to deliver the highest quality trading systems to offer sustainable and differentiated performance in the future.

The ISAM research team comprises a compact and senior group of individuals, with extensive experience in quantitative trading systems. Our research seeks enhancements to our trading and risk systems which will deliver sustainable improvements in long term performance, whilst avoiding capturing simple beta exposures which are often already present in investors’ existing portfolios. A healthy distrust of recent back-tested performance is maintained, as we primarily focus on robust ways to further diversify our systems, and therefore deliver improved future performance. As a result we tend to trade a wider range of markets and time-frames than is present in most systematic trading portfolios.

ISAM offers portfolio management services utilising a pure trend strategy called ISAM Systematic Trend as the best complement to existing traditional portfolios.

To complement our internal research effort we dedicate some of our time to investigating broad themes in the quantitative investment industry. As a result we produce many academic white papers for public consumption designed to improve transparency and understanding of both our own trading systems and the industry as a whole.

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